Just released Andrea Bocelli haunting duet with son is bringing everyone to tears

June 2, 2019 Stories

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most famous Italian singers and producers who is known for his specific voice most people call ‘angelic’.

This legendary singer has been partially blind since childhood, but lost his sight completely after he was hit in the eye at a football game. Unfortunately, despite the great number of procedures he had undergone, the doctors could do nothing to restore his sight.

After this, he had found his peace and comfort in the music that he now shares with his son. Recently, Andrea and his son Matteo released the song ‘Fall on me’ from the new album ‘Si’. Their joined performance is so touching that it heals the soul.


In just a few days, this amazing performance was seen by over a million people who fell in love with the lyrics and the music video that depict how deep the father-son bond can be.

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