Courageous Horse Is Surrounded By Pack Of Wolves. His Next Move Left Viewers Awestruck

June 13, 2019 Stories

We often hear people confess to being afraid of flying. There is no reason to be scared of flying though; it is not a common method of transportation among many people. The stories we hear about flying make us more fearful of flying. Some landings can be so problematic and traumatize us to a point we never want to be airborne again.Such a terrifying moment was witnessed in Dusseldorf airport in Germany when an Airbus A380 almost lost control after touch-down. The Emirates-operated aircraft appeared like it would land without a hitch in the video.

However, upon its wheels touching the tarmac, it veered violently all over the runway. Luckily, the skilled pilots quickly managed to bring the aircraft under control like a dog on a leash after a few anxious moments for everyone on board.“I have experience filming some thousands of landings caught between crosswinds over the past years, at several European airports.

However, the one involving the Airbus A380 was unlike any other and extremely hard. Never have I seen an airplane react that impressively after touchdown. The pilots managed to successfully re-align the plane with the runway after running into a sudden force from the wind. This video depicts the pilot’s high level of skills.” The filmer wrote online.

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