Dog loses 7 puppies in fire and refuses to eat – 1 month later she’s introduced to litter of orphan pups

May 13, 2019 Stories

On February 20, 2017, Jessica Woodruff’s life literally fell apart.

A fire broke out in her barn, creating a devastating inferno for the animals inside.

The fire took the lives of four goats, a pig. And Jessica’s beloved dog Daisy lost all seven of her three-week-old puppies.

Jessica tried to go in the burning barn to save the puppies, but it was too dangerous. Daisy tried, too, but Jessica held her back.

“It all happened within minutes. It’s horrible,” said Jessica, who believes the fire was started by a heat lamp she used to keep the puppies warm.

Jessica could see that Daisy was devastated by the loss of her beloved puppies. She even refused to eat.

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