In 1977, nurse saved badly burned baby. 38 years later, she sees her old photo on Facebook and freezes

June 6, 2019 Stories

When Amanda Scarpinati was 3 months old, she rolled off the sofa and fall onto a steam vaporizer. The outcome was a scolded and burned skin. As she grew up, she had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries.

She was taken to the Albany Medical Center where she was taken care of by Sue Berger, a special nurse. Berger took the bandaged girl into her arms and gave her some comfort while she was experiencing pain. That was back in 1977.

After Scarpinati’s discharge, all she was left with were the photos she had taken with Berger while in her arms. Scarpinati was determined to find the carrying nurse and thank her for her unconditional compassion.

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