Intelligence is inherited from the mother, not the father

October 10, 2018 Stories

A study reveals that the maternal genes are responsible for your child’s intelligence

A recent genetics study has revealed that our intelligence is derived from the female X chromosome. A mother’s genetics determines how clever her children are and fathers make no difference, according to the study. Women are more likely to transmit intelligence genes because they are carried out on the X chromosome and since women have two, they are more likely to pass on their intelligence.

The X chromosome has over a thousand genes and until recently, the doctors believed that both the parents are responsible for and contribute equally to their child’s intelligence.

Source: Essential Baby

Scientists now believe that genes which are responsible for advanced cognitive functions that are inherited from the father are possibly automatically de-activated. The activated genes have an impact on genetic development and the de-activated genes don’t.

If there is a single characteristic which is affected via the mother, the father genes will automatically get de-activated. If a single characteristic is affected via the father, the maternal genes are later de-activated.

There is a category of genes known as the ‘conditioned genes’ and are thought to work only if they come from the mother in some cases and the father in other cases. Intelligence is believed to be in the genes which come from the mother.

Source: Urbo

The University of Cambridge studied brain development and genomic conditioning in 1984. Cambridge scientists concluded that maternal genetics give more material to brain centers.

Laboratory studies on genetically modified mice showed that those with an extra dose of maternal genes ended up having bigger brains and heads but little bodies and vice versa; those with an extra dose of paternal genes had smaller heads and brains but bigger bodies.

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