Shelter Dog Put on Big Adorable Smile – New Mom Instantly Falls in Love With Him

February 4, 2019 Other

Milo is a dog that has an amazing smile.His smile makes people to stop in the streets. Milo’s mother is known as Ivy Rylander. She ones told Dodo that many dogs does smile but his Milo/s grin has something bigger and happier. “Milo’s smile resembles that of a human being. “That is a phrase from most people.

Dog with big smile sitting on sidewalk

Ivy Rylander and her partner recently lives at San Jose in California. When they moved at this place they thought it was a good time to adopt a dog and hence se visited the Perfect Dog Rescue website to look for the available dogs to adopt. There she found Milo’s photo and she fell in love with him.At the back of the car dog with the big smile is sited there.

Dog with big smile sitting in back of car

She has now lived with Milo for the first five and a half years and she adopted him when she was 8 months old.

Dog with curly fur around his head

Milo is well known to be very skittish and with curly fur around his head. Ivy gives a history of Milo. She says that when they adopted Milo he was much more nervous and they even helped him go up the stairs to their apartment.

Dog with big smile

The dog with curved hair on his neck.She knew Milo was the one right from the beginning.Dog with amazing smile get inside the closetMilo has his very unique and distinctive qualities: he has a big and happy grin, he has patches on his wavy fur, wisps around his neck, a curly tail and the curls are very unique.Dog with curved hair

Dog with sweet smiles inside walk-in closet

Milo was found to have some American Staffordshire in him after the Dog Rescue group had done a DNA test on him.Dog with unicorn hat

Rylander and Milo go for hiking together. Milo’s best hobby is hiking. Hiking time is the most peaceful place of milo and Rylander. This has made Milo lost his nervousness and he is very free with Ivy.Woman and dog hiking.

Dog with curly fur

Milo’s other hobbies include: hanging out with Finnegan his cat brother, playing with other dogs and having time for Ivy Rylander dress him in his best costumes. Ivy Rylander dresses him in his thunder shirt that he likes most and glasses at all times.Dog with harry costume.

Curly fur on dog's tail

Ivy Rylander adores Milo greatly .she describes him to be very loving and she goes an extent of even hugging him every time he arrives in the house. She says that Milo has made everything look better in her life.

Woman and dog hiking together

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