He starts playing a song from 1973, But when his daughter joins in.. It’s nothing like you’ve heard before

October 15, 2017 Stories

Many people have hidden talents that they hardly discover they have. It is more like faith. People always say that some people need something to trigger their faith to something actionable. That without something to trigger their faith into action, it just lies dormant within them.

That is why we use other successful people’s songs to try and bring out our own talent. If we can redo their songs the way they did them, then we know we have the talent and all we need is to come up with a song and we will be just fine. It is more of a test drive of what you can do given the best musical composition.

In the video below, Alexandra joins her dad who is playing an awesome tune by Dolly Parton, and sings along in the most amazing voice that can only be rivaled by Dolly herself. I had to keep replaying the video to enjoy her voice and dad’s skill over and over again. Even the look on her face tells you that she has it all.

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