World Known Fashion Brands Will Stop Using Animal Fur in Its Collections – Who Will Be Next?

November 5, 2017 Stories

This video will make you realize how many garments may have real fur on them, even when they are labeled as not having it. There are coats and sweaters and so many more items that have fur trimming, or that are made up of all fur, and you might believe that they are fake. But, as is shown in this video, there are times when real fur is used and not mentioned.

So, those who care about animal rights and want to make sure that no real fur is being used on their clothing items will have to be careful about what they buy.
This is an eye opening video, and you will want to want it from the start to the end to learn more about fur that is used in clothing and how it can be disguised.

You might be surprised how often real fur is used even during modern times.

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